Research grant to help save lives on our roads

SmarterLite and Safety Path's road markings at work at night and by day. The non-photoluminescent markings are a regular rumble strop and ordinary road markings.

SmarterLite and Safety Path’s road markings at work at night and by day. The non-photoluminescent markings are a regular rumble strip and ordinary road markings.

The Australian Government has awarded a $160,000 grant to an innovative Victorian company to fund research to improve road safety and save lives on Australian roads.

The research grant, from the Road Safety Innovation Fund (RSIF), will be used to further improve the use of Victorian company Safety Path’s photoluminescent materials in road line marking, pavement markings and road signs.

The photoluminescent materials absorb daylight, light from vehicle headlights and from electric sources and automatically emit that light in the hours of darkness.

Mr Zoran Ovuka, the Chief Technology Officer at SmarterLite – Safety Path’s parent company – said: “We’re delighted to receive this support from the Australian Government, which will enhance our continuing research and development program.”

“SmarterLite and Safety Path have developed road warning signs that are photoluminescent and reflective – so they emit their own stored light and reflect headlights like normal road signs.”

“We also make road line-marking paint that emits stored daylight, increasing its visibility and contributing to road safety.”

Mr Ovuka said: “The Australian Government’s research grant will enable us to further extend the duration and increase brightness of road lines and road signs.”

Darren Scerri, Chief Executive of the SmarterLite group, which includes OmniGrip Direct, Safety Path and Vivacity,  said: “The grant will help save lives on Australian roads, particularly at night time in rural and regional areas.”

“More than 1240 people died at night on Australia’s dimly lit regional roads in the decade to 2019 and many thousands more were injured.

“The standard solution would be to install electric lighting, but this is far too expensive for Australia’s vast regional roads network. “

“With the help of this Australian Government grant, SmarterLite and Safety Path’s light emitting materials and products can be used to provide the much more affordable illumination that is needed to save lives and prevent injuries on regional and rural  roads.”

“We are delighted that the Australian Government through the Road Safety Innovation Fund (RSIF) has honoured us with this grant,” Mr Scerri said.

The other 12 RSIF grants went to Australian Universities and Government bodies.

About the SmarterLiteGroup

Safety Path is a global leader in sustainable, emission-free photoluminescent lighting technology for safety and emergencies.

OmniGrip Direct is a civil contractor specialising in smarter road safety, black spot solutions and specialist safety & recycled surfaces. OmniGrip Direct installs Safety Path’s solutions on Australian roads.

Vivacity designs, manufactures and supplies world leading LED lighting and display systems for roads, buildings and infrastructure.

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